What We Provide


Getting your products to our warehouse

Rocket 3PL offers domestic forwarding of freight to our warehouse. We can arrange transportation of your items from you, your US manufacturer, another third party logistics provider, or a US port to our warehouse. 

Rocket 3PL does not currently offer international forwarding or the handling of freight needing to go through Customs. 

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Forklift Delivery


Keeping your items safe

Once your items arrive, we will inspect, sort, label (if needed), receive, and put your items away into a bin. Items are stored separately by SKU. Your items are important to us so we count them regularly. Through our customer portal, you get full access to your inventory at any time from anywhere.

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Warehouse Shelves


The Extras you Need

Your business is unique. Our commitment is to be flexible and understanding of your wants and needs. We offer a large variety of services to make sure that the presentation of your item to your customer matches your unique style. Here are just some of the more popular services we can offer:

  • Labelling

  • Folding

  • Bagging

  • Bundling

  • Kitting

  • Wrapping

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Re-supplying your locations

If you have multiple brick and mortar locations, we can act as a distribution center for you. We can provide routing instructions for your suppliers and then, through Rocket 3PL,  you can order what you need at each location

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Get your item to your customers

Rocket 3PL offers many fulfillment options. We can ship directly to your customer, a store, or a marketplace. Click below to see more details about our fulfillment services.

Package Delivered


Getting your items online

Rocket 3PL can list your items on your website or other marketplace for you. We can take pictures and collect the necessary information to get your items on the web.

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Don't sweep them under the rug

We can handle all of your returns. Send us your in-store returns to be sorted and dispositioned. We can also send instructions for returns to your customers, then sort and disposition them when they arrive.

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