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At Rocket 3PL we believe in transparency. That is why our pricing is based on units. Pricing in terms of units is tangible and easy to understand. We also don't believe in fines. We understand that your growing business may not have the resources or leverage to comply with strict routing requirements. 

Our goal is to take the time to get to know your business and propose a solution that is advantageous for you. Because of this our pricing varies from client to client. Our basic pricing structure is laid out below, but the best way to get pricing is to contact us or complete our on-boarding survey

Basic Pricing Structure


Per Unit

Our inbound fee covers inspection, transaction, and the first 30 days of storage for each unit. This fee can also cover labeling, bagging, or other value add services that you or your customers require for all of your inventory.


per unit

The storage fee covers safe, alarmed storage of your units. We store your units in bins separated by SKU. Our storage fees apply to units that sit in our warehouse for more than 30 days. They are added to your invoice on the 31st day of storage and every month thereafter. Your inventory is regularly counted and audited annually.


Per Unit

The outbound fee covers picking, inspection, and packing. This fee can also include special labeling, wrapping, bagging, or other value add services that all of your customers require.


Per shipment

The shipping fee covers shipping consumables and pays for your software integrations.

Value Add

Per unit

Value Add services vary widely based on your needs, but we make sure that you're not being gouged. If a value add service is always required (such as labeling), we simply include it in the inbound/outbound fee to streamline your invoices