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Shipping orders takes away from your creativity. By shipping your own items you are missing out time that could be used to create or market your items. Not only is shipping time consuming, but it is also expensive.

Rocket 3PL has negotiated lower rates with our carriers and packaging suppliers. We shop for the best rates based on your shipment and we pass that savings along to you.

Delivery Van


Shipping to retail stores can be tricky. Each one has its own requirements. We can accommodate any special instructions for your shipments. For example, placing clothes on hangers or inserting special literature or marketing material into a shipment. We can document your preferences and duplicate instructions each time you send to a specific location.


Our software can link directly to most website platforms, such as Shopify, Magento, and zencart. Your orders can instantly become our orders and we can fulfill them on the same day that they are received. Once we ship, we can upload tracking information and status updates back to your site.


Most marketplaces have very strict requirements and often charge fines for items that are not compliant. Let Rocket 3PL help you to navigate compliance with market places and avoid costly fines.  Our rocket scientists speak their language and have a firm understanding of how to be compliant.


If you have multiple brick and mortar locations, we can act as a distribution center for you. We can provide routing instructions for your suppliers and then, through Rocket 3PL,  you can order what you need at each location

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